Nancy Lynn Roberts

Iyengar Yoga Teacher

Santa Barbara, CA

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My name is Nancy Roberts and I've been teaching yoga full-time since 1994.  I'm certified at the Intermediate junior level in the Iyengar system.  I've been to India five times to study at RIMYI, for a total of nine months of study.  

I currently offer private instruction only.   Sessions last one hour and sometimes include a photo journal of the sequence that I create for the student.  I believe my strengths include clear and precise directions, years of experience and a good understanding of what a person needs.  I'm also very creative with space and props and absolutely love teaching yoga.

I have taught group classes from the beginning and do plan to start them again, hopefully in 2014.  Please check back for updates concerning group classes.

I created an app for the I-phone and I-pad called Yoga Practice on the Go.   This app offers guided practice sessions that last 30-40 minutes.    You can check it out here:

I also have created a series of books called Yoga Word Puzzles.  The books contain crossword and word search puzzles on yoga.   The answers  for these puzzles are in BKS Iyengar's books, Light on Yoga, Light on the Yoga Sutras of PatanjaliLight on Pranayama and Tree of Yoga.

To learn more about the books or place an order, visit my website,

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To hear my radio interview with Alyce Faye Cleese, click here 

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